What are common gas fireplace problems?

What are common gas fireplace problems?

What are common gas fireplace problems?Homeowners love their gas fireplaces because they recreate the rustic warmth of traditional fireplaces, but without the hassle of storing wood. Like with any malfunctioning gas appliance, some homeowners start to worry about their safety when signs of trouble emerge. However, it's often the case that the issue isn't actually putting you in harm's way. Nonetheless, when signs of a problem do arise it's smart to play it safe and have an experienced HVAC technician conduct an inspection. At Air Controls, our local HVAC technicians are experts at addressing gas fireplace issues. And when the time comes for a new fireplace, we can complete a flawless installation. Here are three common gas fireplace problems.

Fails to Ignite

You could be dealing with air in the tubing if your fireplace won't properly ignite. With this issue, you can try to bleed out the air by holding down the pilot light button for ninety seconds or so. If you're able to tell that gas is coming from the pilot light but there's still no ignition, then you may have a failing spark ignitor. You'll want to make sure that no debris has gotten in between the spark ignitor and thermocouple. If troubleshooting the issue yourself isn't solving the problem, you can call in for professional HVAC assistance to promptly return your fireplace to normal working order.

Pilot Light Goes Out

In many cases, when the pilot light goes out, there isn't actually a significant issue with the fireplace. You can just check your owner's manual to see how to reignite it, and hopefully there won't be any more problems. But if you keep having to reignite your pilot light, then your thermopile may be damaged. For this issue, it'll be best to call in an HVAC professional to take care of it.

Strange Smells

Homeowners often worry that strange smells from a gas appliance are a sign of a serious safety hazard. But there are non-threatening problems that could cause such an odor---in some cases the cleaning product used to clean the fireplace's glass is the culprit. However, it's also important to take the proper precautions to keep your family safe. If you think you may be smelling gas or burning wires, then you'll want to shut off your fireplace and have an HVAC technician come inspect the issue.

Fireplace Repair in Bozeman, MT

If you need gas fireplace repair in Bozeman, contact Air Controls at (406) 587-6292. Our local HVAC company can expertly address your home's heating and cooling needs. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

Posted: October 2021

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