6 Common Ductwork Problems

6 Common Ductwork Problems

Whether at home or the office, ductwork problems can lead to inefficient heating/cooling, as well as increased energy bills. When you notice a sign of ductwork trouble, it'll be best to have an experienced HVAC technician come by to do an inspection. Here are six common problems with air ducts.

Accumulation of Dust/Debris

Your ductwork should be thoroughly cleaned every three to five years. This will eliminate dust and debris from your ducts, which will allow air to flow more freely. In turn, your HVAC system won't have to work harder to heat/cool your home. This helps to keep your energy bill to a minimum while reducing strain on your system. As a bonus, dust won't be blown into your inhabited areas.

Air is Excessively Humid or Dry

If your air feels especially humid during the summer or very dry during the winter, then it could be time for ductwork replacement.

Damaged Ducts

As it ages, plastic ductwork can become twisted and torn. For your HVAC system to function efficiently, it's important that any ductwork damage is repaired.


When mold takes hold in air ducts, it can then be blown into living areas, where it could pose a health hazard. A professional ductwork cleaning can eliminate mold, as well as harmful bacteria and allergens.

End of Lifespan

Air ducts tend to work well for about ten years. By that point, they often have dilapidated joints, seams, and seals.

Poorly Designed Ductwork

If you've recently purchased a home and it seems like your ductwork was poorly installed, then it'll be worth having a reputable HVAC technician come by to conduct an inspection. If repair or replacement is needed, you'll be provided with an explanation of the problems, as well as an estimate for the costs to resolve them.

If you need ductwork repair or replacement, be sure to get in touch with a reputable HVAC professional. For HVAC services in Bozeman, Livingston, and Three Forks, MT, contact the experts at Air Controls at (406) 587-6292. Air Controls also specializes in custom metal fabrication in Bozeman, MT. Feel free to give Air Controls a call today to make an appointment for any of your HVAC needs!

Posted: May 31, 2021

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