Does my home's air conditioner need to be replaced?

Does my home's air conditioner need to be replaced?

Does my home's air conditioner need to be replaced?Summer is again near and you want to make sure that your family is able to stay comfortable when the thermometer spikes. When you first notice an issue with your AC unit, you'll want to call in a reputable HVAC expert to conduct an inspection and diagnostics. Here's a look at five signs that it's time for air conditioner replacement.

Continuously Runs

When an AC unit won't stop running, the odds are that its end is near. If you've noticed this symptom, then it'll be worthwhile to call in an HVAC professional who can determine if replacement is necessary.

Often Needs Repair

It's important to schedule annual or semi-annual HVAC system maintenance. But if your AC system is requiring repair visits in addition to standard maintenance, then it could be the smart money decision to instead invest in a new unit.

Doesn't Blow Cold Air

If your system isn't blowing cold air, you might be able to address this issue with a professional ductwork cleaning. However, this symptom could also indicate a mechanical issue that an HVAC expert should handle.

Increase in Energy Bill

As an AC unit starts to fail, it's liable to use up more power as it struggles to keep the home at a cool temperature. Instead of paying for a higher energy bill, you can save money in the long run by replacing your old unit with a new, energy-efficient one.

Old Age

In most cases, an AC unit should be expected to run efficiently for ten to fifteen years. After this timeframe, it could start to gradually become more costly to run. If you have a unit that's been in use for well over a decade, you'll want to start thinking about budgeting for replacement, even if it seems to still be running well.

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Posted: May 22, 2020

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