4 Interesting Facts about Air Conditioning

4 Interesting Facts about Air Conditioning

4 Interesting Facts about Air ConditioningWhen the summer sun is blazing, the only fact about your AC that you really need to know is that it's working reliably. But modern air conditioning has played an interesting role in American history since it was invented in New York in 1902 by Willis Haviland Carrier. Here are four fun facts about air conditioning.

Helped to Establish the Summer Blockbuster

In the era before AC was widely established, in much of the country movie theaters got too hot in the summer to be enjoyable. However, as movie theaters started installing AC, they actually became a common refuge from the heat. In turn, this led to the emergence of the "summer blockbuster," which has featured some of the biggest box office smashes of all time, such as "Jaws," "Ghostbusters," and "Men in Black."

Enables Medical Advancements

Medical research facilities commonly need temperature-controlled environments to develop new drugs. Without AC, they wouldn't have the necessary temperature conditions to develop important medications.

AC & Year-Round School

Commonly, people are under the understanding that summer vacation was established because children needed to help out on their family farms. This may have been a secondary factor in establishing summer vacation. But the main reason for summer break was that it simply got too hot for kids to remain focused on learning. Now that AC is common, some school districts have moved toward year-round school.

Keeping the White House Cool

In 1929, President Hoover had AC installed in the White House, which must have seemed like an extravagant expenditure considering that this was the year that the Great Depression began. While many presidents have since enjoyed the AC during D.C.'s hot, muggy summers, there were certain presidents who preferred to keep the AC off, namely FDR and Obama.

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Posted: July 2022

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