Common Ductwork Problems that our Bozeman HVAC Company Can Resolve

Common Ductwork Problems that our Bozeman HVAC Company Can Resolve

Common Ductwork Problems that our Bozeman HVAC Company Can ResolveTo keep your HVAC system working optimally, it's very important that your air ducts are in excellent condition. When you first suspect a problem with your ductwork, it'll be best to have an experienced HVAC technician conduct an inspection. At Air Controls, our local HVAC company employs technicians who have extensive experience with ductwork in the greater Bozeman, MT area.

What are common ductwork problems?

If your ductwork has any visible damage, then you'll need repair or replacement. Oftentimes, plastic ductwork becomes twisted or torn. When such damage occurs, your HVAC system will struggle to heat/cool the home to your specified temperature. In the event that your ductwork has become visibly damaged, you'll want to have an HVAC technician come by to determine whether the damage can be repaired, or if you'll instead need replacement ductwork to be installed.

If you have reason to believe that your ductwork is leaking air, then a professional inspection should be conducted. One potential indication of an air leak is that your energy bill has suddenly spiked for seemingly no apparent reason. Another sign of leaking ductwork is that when your AC is running, one room remains hot while the rest of the home is cooled down to your desired temperature. The older your ductwork gets, the more likely it is that a leak will form. Commonly, air ducts have to be replaced somewhere between 10 and 15 years old.

Air ducts sometimes need to be redone because they were incorrectly installed to begin with. If someone installed undersized ducts in your home, then your HVAC system may heat/cool your home unevenly. Whistling sounds from loud airflow are another sign that your ductwork is undersized.

HVAC Service in Bozeman, MT

When you need HVAC service in Bozeman and the surrounding area, contact Air Controls at (406) 587-6292. Our nearby HVAC company can expertly address your home's heating and cooling needs. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment!

Posted: May 2022

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